hai friends
                  As swami vivekananda said that "Everything that is excellent will come when this sleeping soul is arosed to self conscious activity" and it is also said that "You have to grow from inside to outs. None can teach you , none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul".

                So friends please do not go to the same path as every one is going, you will have your own will and desire, go for it. Think as times as possible before you act. Choose a different path in your carrier. Every power is within you only. You can do anything you want. Dont feel it as a tough work.

                 This site shows path for your life in different cartegories, choose your own path and try hard to achieve it. Schooling is must for all the kids, but after schooling what path should be choosed is a major confusion for most of the students and as well as parents too. This site is mainly designed to guide the students to choose their path. This site will avoid confusion to choose their path.

Do not go in the same path as everyone is going.
You should be different one among crores of people.
Think differently
Choose differently
Act differently
Proceed differently

Arise awake and stop not till the goal is reached.
Take risk in your life, If you win you can lead, If you loose you can guide.