Tuesday, 15 October 2013

B.Sc home science

Bachelor of Science in Home Economics is a home science undergraduate professional course. Home Science covers the study of the various sciences which involve growth measures , including the science that deals with the environment and environmental health and nutrition.
      The curriculum consists mainly of the study of the major themes of Home Science as
food science
-->foundations of resource management
-->the foundation of human development
-->Introduction to fabrics and garments science
-->Foundations of the food and nutrition etc.
         In other words , B. sc . ( Home Science) is a curriculum that includes the study of many disciplines such as chemistry , physics, physiology, biology , health , economics, rural development , development of the child, sociology and family relations , community life , art, food, nutrition , clothing, textiles and home management . The duration of the course of three years and the course syllabus is divided into six semesters.

Eligibility criteria for this course is

1. Candidate has to pass intermediate with 50% marks.
2. Age limit should be between 17 to 25, should not cross the age 25.