Saturday, 5 October 2013

Diploma in foreign language

              A career-oriented training that includes a year in foreign languages ​​above accompanied transmit computer skills essential program. The course is designed to improve language skills and communication skills of students, in addition to equip learners with the skills Basic computer . This unique blended course will provide learners with specific vocational training by developing in them the critical language and IT skills. This will make ready and confident to work in the business sector in an international environment .

            This course will give students an in-depth study of the language , including the development of all skills, including listening, speaking , reading and writing as well as the study of all aspects of vocabulary , grammar and pronunciation .

During the course, you will:

Develop excellent language and communication skills .
Develop the ability to use several very specific applications such as MS Office , common desktop application , web, multimedia etc. some simple well-defined tasks .
Build your confidence.
Improve your personality.
Use role plays , authentic materials and realistic case studies to practice language required for business and professional life.
Improve your vocabulary and knowledge of grammatical structures.
Increase intercultural awareness.