Friday, 4 October 2013


The Field

             Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM ) is a multidisciplinary field of study in order to prepare people for the expertise , commitment and management skills , marketing, and operations positions in the sector expanding which provides food , accommodation and tourist services to people away from home . As a field of study , hospitality and tourism management is interdisciplinary. It draws on a wide range of disciplines to provide basic knowledge and skills needed to meet the various requirements imposed on persons occupying management positions within the hospitality industry fundamental .

             Recognizing that today's educated individual is updated soon , the academic focus of the program is on the principles, analytical tools , processes and systems. These changes relatively slowly. However, it is acknowledged that at least minimal exposure to the skills and knowledge which constitute the current state of the art is necessary to understand the principles . Similarly, it is recognized that students in the program are composites of many talents , and in hotels and tourism, purely academic ability can not predict professional success . Thus , the program has fundamental objective of the presentation of a curriculum to develop an interdisciplinary exposure to the object management capability through the identification of problems, basic concepts, process, decision theory and management application . Because technology is an essential part of business , students are required to maintain an active Office of Information Technology Account (ILO) when it has been accepted into the major . In addition , students are encouraged to develop foreign language skills to better prepare for this industry increasingly international .


           Students majoring in HTM may choose a concentration in management Casino , Club Management , Management of accommodation, food and beverage management (commercial and non-commercial ) , and Tourism, Convention and Event Management. Detailed information on the program and course information can be found on the website and in the HTM undergraduate textbook department .

            The growing popularity of courses and programs required some HTM entry controls. Students who have an interest in the transfer of HTM ( or from other units of the university or other colleges or universities) should contact the HTM academic advisor early in their academic careers to determine their prospects admission .

             A student intending to transfer to the university must submit a complete application with an essay addressing the reason for the student who wishes to enter the big , learning and career goals goals. The student must complete the following three courses with a grade of C or better, if a grade of B or higher is preferable , before acceptance into the major: HT- MGT 100, ECON 103 or RES -ECON 102 or ECON 104 and MATH 121 or more STATISTC or 111 or 240 or RES -ECON 211 or 212. At the time of application , students must have completed at least one semester in college , be academic standing and have less than 70 credits . Satisfactory completion of these requirements , while necessary, does not guarantee admission to HTM . Applications for admission to the campus can be obtained from the department or HTM ​​107 Flint office website. Students who register for transfer to HTM other institutions should apply through the Office for transfer .