Thursday, 3 October 2013


The Indian Navy ( Devanāgarī : भारतीय नौ सेना , Bharatiya Nau SENA ) is the naval branch of the armed forces of India. The President of India serves as the Commander of the Navy. The Chief of Naval Staff (CNS) , usually a four-star officer in the rank of admiral , ordered the Navy. The Indian Navy can trace its lineage back to the Royal Indian Navy, but modern navy as it is known today was not officially established until 1947 , after independence was gained by UK. The 17th century Maratha Emperor Shivaji Bhosle Chhatarpati is considered the "Father of the Indian Navy .

Although the primary objective of the navy is to secure the country's maritime borders , India also uses its navy to enhance its international relations through joint exercises, port visits and humanitarian missions , including disaster . In recent years, the Indian Navy has undergone rapid modernization to replace its aging equipment currently in service, which is often considered part of the "drive to India " to develop the blue building - water and improve its position in the region of the Indian ocean. in 2013 , the Indian Navy has a strength of 58,350 people and an operational fleet consisting of an aircraft carrier, an amphibious transport dock , eight guided-missile destroyers , 15 frigates, a nuclear submarine attack , 13 conventional submarines , 24 corvettes, 30 patrol boats , 7 fight against mining ships and various auxiliary ships