Thursday, 3 October 2013

para medical

Paramedics are the main actors in the field of health and medicine. Without paramedics, the entire health sector is out of gear and is almost non - official.

A paramedic is a professional who assists physicians in specialized areas and facilities to improve the diagnosis , treatment and therapy. The increase in the number of patients , the variety of diseases and demand huge processing have paved the way for allied health professionals who are specialized technicians or therapists providing better care for human health. Thus the field of allied health is becoming increasingly important and demand , offering lucrative careers in the health sector .

After the completion of paramedical courses , employment avenues available in public hospitals, private hospitals and clinics, pathology laboratories , university laboratories, trauma centers , etc. The qualified person may operate as a radiologist, medical laboratory technician , audiologist, speech therapist , physical therapist, respiratory therapist , etc.
DMLT (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technician ) DOTT ( Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician ) DMRT / DRIT ( diploma in radiation medicine / Diploma in Radio Imaging Technology) DMPHW ( Diploma in Multi Purpose Health Workers ) Bachelor of Medical science Degree in allied Health