Friday, 4 October 2013


                 Polytechnic is a technical institute which gives technical education in India. Polytechnics are not affiliated to a university, but are recognized by all India Council for Technical Education (AICTE ) . They offer three year duration courses engineering Diploma .

           The courses are designed so that students are able to perform basic engineering tasks. Holders of a   Diploma in engineering are generally employed as supervisors or junior engineers in the companies.

1.Diploma in aeronautical engineering
2.Diploma in Agricultural Engineering
3.Diploma in Engineering Design Apparel
4.Diploma in Architecture Engineering
5.Diploma in architecture assistantship
6.Diploma in Bio Medical Engineering
7.Diploma in Biotechnology
8.Diploma in Business Administration
9.Diploma in Ceramic Technology
10.Diploma in Chemical Engineering
11.Diploma in civil engineering
12.Diploma in Commercial Practice ( English)
13.Dipoma in Computer Engineering
14.Diplom in electrical engineering
15.Diploma in Electrical Engineering
16.Diploma in Fashion Technology
17.Diploma in Handloom Technology
17.Diploma in Industrial Engineering and Production
18.Technology Diploma of Instrumentation
19.Diploma in interior design
20.Diploma in library
21.Diploma in Marine Engineering
22.Diploma in mechanical engineering
23.Diploma in Mechatronics
24.Diploma in modern office practice
25.Diploma in secretarial practice
26.Diploma in telecommunications engineering
27.Diploma in Textile Technology
28.Diploma in Electronics and Communication