Friday, 4 October 2013

Air hostess

Who is Airhostess ?
              In an Air hostess job , employed are expected to excel in customer service and always REMAIN friendly and enthusiastic with a good sense of presentation . An air hostess job you shoulds be physically fit and you must be flexible to work any day of the year . Air hostesses are very significant part in the flying process . This is an airhostess duty to make passengers feel good and help with 'em What They want.Airhostess job start much before taking off the flight .

What are the eligibilities ?
                         There is no requirement of air hostess training to Become an airhostess . If You have all the qualification All which are needed to Become an airhostess , then you do not need to do any special course or any academic qualification. Some standards set for selection of cabin crew are as follows -----

1 . Age Between 17 and 27 years

2 . Qualification 10 +2 or Graduate

3 . Girls --- minimum height ---- 5'' 3
Boys mimimum ---- 5 --- 7 ''

4 . Fluency in English , Hindi, and knowledge of an international language is an added advantage .

5. ------ Marital status Unmarried

6 . Other requirements ---- Physically fit with a pleasing personality and clear complexion without pimples .

3 . What are the Job prospects?
           The future is bright for an air hostess.They can find employment with private owned domestic and international airlines.An Air Hostess HAS for every opportunity to promote to the post of Senior Flight Attendant and then Head Attendant.

4 . What are the remuneration ?
            In the beginning , your salary and other allowance May ad up to Rs.16 , 000 to Rs.25000 .
The maximum salary of a senior airhostess is about Rs.75 , 000 per month . Domestic private airlines pay more . In foreign airlines , senior airhostess can earn Rs.3 lakh a month .

INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES --- Rs 50,000 / - to 120,000 / - per month

DOMESTIC AIRLINES ------ Rs 30000 / - to 80000 / - per month