Friday, 4 October 2013

Fashion designing

Fashion designing is the applied art dedicated to the design of clothing and lifestyle accessories . This art is influenced by cultural and social attitudes, and has evolved over time and place. Fashion design has come a long way since the designer clothes worn by royalty in the ancient world for products of this haute couture .

Fashion design is one of the most lucrative career options , seductive, glamorous and exciting in the world today. If you have a penchant for creativity , style and originality, a career in fashion design is the one made ​​for you . On the one hand , the fashion industry satisfies both the creative fancies and material needs of the population. On the other hand , it promises glamor , fame , success and high pay package for talented people .

However, it is also a demanding career , as fashion designers need to combine their creativity with managerial skills to sustain in this industry. So if you can create the magic of colors, shapes and designs , then just get a professional training to start a successful career in the seductive world of fashion design.

Step-by -Step
To start a career as a fashion designer , two types of skills are needed, is natural and acquired .

• Natural: this skill set would consist of a decent aesthetic sense , the expertise of the color , taste and sense of trends and fashion . Attention to detail , knowledge of fabrics and so on is a big plus for those serious about a career as a fashion designer .

• The skills would be a degree ' of a decent life, Fashion Institute recognized . You can register for either a full-time course or a certificate part-time courses . Students usually take these after their 10 +2 level . Not that the courses are not available for graduates or people with higher qualifications. There are several short-term certificate courses are offered by the same fashion institutes for super specialization on a part time basis . These courses will allow you to acquire technical skills and creative thinking.

start early
The word "fashion" conjures up images of glitz and glamor immediately. The beginning of the international fashion market in India has given a boost to the industry which has emerged as the booming industry and a career as a fashion designer is like a pot of gold. So many young people who are attracted by these attributes decide to foray into the fashion industry .

Although the academic requirements are not very high , you need considerable ability and talent to be labeled material "designer" . You must be very creative to combine colors , shades and textures and express your ideas through sketches .

Your race for admission to a school of fashion deemed begin directly after school. Subjects such as drawing, painting, home science and computer graphics will develop your creativity.

When you have completed the course, you have mastered the step - by - step creation of a garment from design to pattern making , production and even marketing .

Is this a good career choice for me?
A career in fashion design is good for you if you are talented and exude style in everything you do. You must also have the ability to be original and creative and like to make people look good.
In addition , you must be creative enough to combine colors, shades and textures and express your ideas through sketches . You should also see new design, crackles , clothing and accessories and enjoy working with fabrics and accessories .

If you have all this and more in you, then you are ready to enter the arena of fashion design .

What would it cost me?
The fee structure varies from one institution to another. However, on average , you'll have to dish out more than Rs . 45,000 per year for a course in fashion design from a reputable institution .

Funding / grants
Some fashion academies extend scholarships based on merit . These scholarships usually waive off payment of tuition only. These exemptions continue the following year ( s) provided that the academic achievement winners meet prescribed standards of achievement .

The criteria of these programs scholarship is based on the annual income of the annual income of the parents of the eligible student . There are a few sponsored by reputable companies for deserving and financially deserving students scholarships. Scholarship winners also get educational loan facility to cover other costs and expenses to pay.

Job Opportunities
In India, the industry has just begun to come of age , as it is still in its nascent stage . This industry offers many opportunities for talented hard working and enthusiastic people . Prospects for graduates in fashion design are very good thanks to the huge and growing demand for " designer clothes " and the equally inordinate amount of exports.

After successfully completing the course , you can stay self-employed. Otherwise, several export houses, garment store chains , textile mills , leather companies , boutiques, fashion show organizers, jewelry houses and media houses recruit professionals interested in a career fashion design .

Packet pay
The monthly severance package can be around Rs.10 , 000 to Rs.15 , 000. With experience, you will gain maturity in design skills and a few years down the line your salary would be around Rs.30 , 000 to Rs.40 , 000 per month. Of course, if you become a renowned designer you might require the world.

Great fashion designers salary always shows a tendency to move upwards. However , hard work and a conscious effort to update the latest trends in the fashion industry are imperative.